Flo’s Fashions For Real Women

Let’s begin with basics – Start from the skin

Most important to your overall looks are your undergarments.  Choose bras and panties a little loose.  Remember, the fit should be a gentle squeeze, not a power pinch!  Find a bra that covers to below the waist (I get mine at Sears).  Tuck it into your panties or pull it over your skirt or pants.  This smoothes out the ripples on your back and flattens your tummy.  Not too tight.  Use spandex or Lycra panties.  No cotton – it makes bulges.

Don’t Tent – Very loose tops and dresses make you look larger.

Tops can be loose enough to hide the ripples, but not so loose that they make you look larger.  Soft lines are what we are after.  Vertical lines are best, and STAND TALL!  Believe it or not you lose lumps when you do.  Besides that, it makes you feel better and your clothes fit better.  You look good and you know it.

Jeans should not be baggy.  They should have a smooth fit in a dark color, with high pockets on the butt. The pockets minimize the size of the butt.  Try a boot cut, Put the flair where it doesn’t detract from your overall slim line. If you really go for the slim pants, wear them with high heels


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