Tips To Eating Healthy

Eating healthy is a habit, and like all habits, eating reasonable portions of healthy foods is a pattern of behavior acquired through frequent repetition.  Here are a few ways to establish good eating habits.

  • Start simple.  Don’t’ try to completely change your bad eating habits in one day.
  • Make it daily.  Behavior that is repeated over a period of time becomes a habit.
  • Commit to thirty days.  Research indicates that it takes about four weeks for a behavior to become automatic.
  • Treat yourself.  You may experience a sense of loss for what you have given up.  Reward yourself with non-foods items.
  • Remove temptation.  Get rid of foods that tempt you to cheat.
  • Write your goals down.  Write your goals down and post them in a place where you can see them daily.  Seeing those written goals daily will help reinforce the behavior you want to achieve.

Follow these suggestions and you’ll find yourself making big changes in your eating habits!

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