Help For The Holidays!

family-holiday-mealThere are little tricks you can employ to avoid a holiday food hangover and look your absolute best throughout the holiday season. We all go into the celebrations with best intentions but then calorie by calorie, it can really start to add up.  The following are tried and true ideas for the upcoming days – and season – to prevent added inches and still enjoy the fun just as much.

Have an eating plan for the day of your event.  Make sure to begin your day with a meal that makes sense.  Don’t deny calories at the onset with the thought you can make up them up later – that sets the stage for you to cheat and consume more than intended.  Reconcile yourself to the fact you are on a diet and you need to be aware of what – and how you eat.  Armed with that plan, you will enjoy the celebration AND food and come home with a clear conscience!

Keep a glass of water either in hand or close by.  Slow but constant intake helps keep your stomach full and  your body hydrated with having the extra benefit of helping to keep those wine calories at bay!

Volunteer to bring the veggie tray – and fill up prior to the main meal!  It’s healthy and those calories are constructive. Also, don’t deny yourself  ‘an’ appetizer.  This is a celebration, you’re allowed but have that veggie in hand or close by so you don’t indulge in the… oh just one more … syndrome.

At mealtime, be conscious of what you are putting on your plate and in what portions.  This is not a case of “you can’t have”, it’s simply a mindful matter of “how much”.  Best to avoid anything thick and cream  based.  When desert rolls around, ALLOW yourself enough a of bite to indulge (small slice of pumpkin pie, don’t need the whipping cream) – and enjoy – but have that glass of water ready.

If you can rally a buddy to go ‘for a short walk” with you after dinner, so much the better.  (Fido always tends to be a big help in that department!).  When you come back, settle down to enjoy a warm cup of tea, coffee – or even your best pal and faithful standby – water.

We also have one more trick up our sleeves.  We have a little secret weapon supplement available called Probese.  Probese is a natural supplement which works by way of sending you brain a message it’s full by acting much the same way as a sponge.  Taken with 2 glasses water, it tricks your stomach into thinking it’s full so your actual food consumption will be far less than you would have ordinarily been tempted to eat.


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