A New Weight Loss Treatment!

Professional Weight Control Centers is offering a NEW weight loss treatment called “Auriculotherapy”. Think of this as acupuncture without the needles.

This is a painless and unique weight loss therapy in which gentle electrical stimulation of reflex points on the external ear is used.  Travelling via nerve pathways a message is sent to the brain to delay the emptying of the stomach, helping you feel full longer and helping to suppress your appetite.  This has also been found to boost your own body’s serotonin levels which act as a natural appetite suppressant as well as aiding in the systemic release of endorphins which give you energy and a feeling of overall well being.  The most common response in patients is to feel “very relaxed” after treatment.

This service is now available and being offered to patients at our Ventura, Granada Hills and Canyon Country Clinics and will be coming soon to our Palm Desert and two Bakersfield locations.

This therapy is unique to Professional Weight Control Centers.

A new year and a fresh start.  2014 is going to be great – THIS is going to be the year!

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