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30 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. I have been on this diet to get my cholesterol back on track and it’s working!! It’s so easy and it teaches you to eat healthy. I love the staff! So easy to talk to, friendly and genuinely caring and supportive. I actually look forward to weighing!*

  2. Patricia and Esmeralda have provided wonderful customer service with their care and professionalism. I am extremely pleased with the level of service I have received.

  3. I have loved this program drinking the shakes has been easy. I am so glad I started this. I am going to continue this for as long as I can.*

  4. I have been with the program for about a month now and in that time i have 26 pounds. The staff here is amazing and very helpful. I plan to stick to the program and continue to drop the weight. Thanks everyone!*

  5. I want to say that this clinic has been a blessing to me. The staff are very friendly and knowledgeable and make you feel like what you are going through really matters. I started the program on December 14th and as of today i have lost 44lbs. Thank you everyone :)*

  6. The Professional Weight Control Center saved my life! I was so depressed after gaining 40+ pounds over the past 5 years that I basically gave up on myself.
    Everything changed for me after meeting Dr. Harvey and his awesome Staff. Their encouragement has kept me motivated and has meant the world to me.
    Things are finally looking up and I owe it all to The Professional Weight Control Center family.*

    • Thank you Kelley… We enjoy working with you to achieve your goals. We are here for you and always will be!!

  7. Love the program! The staff in the Canyon Country office are wonderful. Each and everyone one of them make you feel welcome and give great support to keep you motivated and to stay on track. Dr. Gilley, Noreen, Stephanie and Dana, thank you.

  8. I absolutely love the team at the Canyon Country office. Noreen is the nurse I usually work with and she is one of the most supportive nonjudgmental health care professionals I have ever met. She truly understands the reality of weightloss for people in that there are set backs as well as successes. I leave my appointments feeling encouraged and revived ready to strive for a successful week. Dana is wonderul! She is friendly and its obvious that she has a wonderful rapport with everyone who enters that office. When she doesn’t know the answer to something, she readily knows how to find it. Dr. Galley is a real person! He has personal experience with the triumphs and “let downs” of weight loss and it is so comforting to be a patient of someone who truly understands my plight. I would gladly refer the Canyon Country Profressional Weight Control Center to anybody who is ready to start the journey towards good health and fitness!

  9. I love this place! I lost 25 pounds, I got my confidence back, I’m in my littlen jeans and I can’t believe how much better I feel! Thank you, Professional Weight Control!!!!*

  10. life changing program and can’t say enough about the staff,they are fun and supportive and make you look forward to your visits.Thank you for all that you do.*

  11. Ventura Staff really Rock! And, Dr. Galley really knows his stuff! The Ventura staff has been soooooooo supportive and can answer my questions about anything, From nutrition to exercise. I made an investment in my health and am accountable to myself to continue with it for good. That in itself is a challenge – I can handle it. I know if I need to return, I have professionals to help me!

  12. Thank heavens for Professional Weight Control Ventura. The staff is excellent, friendly and always willing to help. My weight gain has come to a halt! I am losing weight the healthy way. and feel great! Thank you!*

  13. I have tried countless weight loss programs in the past. All of which I lost interest quickly due to no progress in losing weight.I started this weight loss program about a month ago and have already lost 20lbs and inches. My clothes fit better and are getting baggy (time to shop). I have energy when i get home from work, allowing me to workout, make dinner and much more. I am very excited to finally get my old life back. I’m not at my goal wait, far from, but I actually believe that I can get there soon.
    The staff is very sweet and encouraging. I look forward to seeing them M,W,F. Thank you for it all.*

  14. I love the program! I have lost 32 pounds within two months! I have tried every kind of diet out there, and this one really works!! I would recommend it to anyone.*

  15. I love this DIET!! I really do not even feel like I am on one. Thats the great thing about this plan. I have lost 25 pounds and still climbing down!!*

  16. Lost 32lbs total on this diet. Went from a size 17 to size 10. One shake for breakfast and 2 meals. Shots gave me lots of energy and lost inches. I did not feel hungry with medication.*

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