Corporate Programs


The Problem

Obesity is now considered an Epidemic. 65% of Americans are overweight and about 1 in 3 are clinically obese.

Why Should Your Company Care?

Obesity is costing your company a LOT of money.
  • Direct Costs
    • Health insurance
    • Medical costs and claims
  • Indirect Costs
    • Absenteeism
    • Short and long term disability
    • Workers comp claims
    • Presenteeism (workers are present but not fully productive)
    • Digestive disorders
    • Mobility problems
    • Back pain

For every $1.00 you spend on health promotion your return on investment is $3.00-$8.00. (1)

This is realized in medical costs and claims, absenteeism, disability and increased productivity.

The Solution

Let Professional Weight Control Centers be a part of your solution. We have been in the medical weight loss business for over forty years and we probably have a Clinic near you!

We can help you set up a Corporate Wellness program today that will save you money and increase the quality of life for your employees.

Do you have an upcoming Health Fair? Would you like us to provide valuable information to your employees on the benefits of Medical Weight Loss Programs?

Contact us by phone or email today!

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1. Resources:

National Wellness Institute, Inc.

Wellness Council of America
See the Wellness Council of America's free brochure called
Making the Case for Workplace Wellness Programs