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Not All Diet Shots Are The Same

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Our Super Diet Shot is formulated with a long-acting B12, B6 and other natural ingredients we keep proprietary. You will also get a sublingual pill that works with our Super Diet Shot that aids in the breakdown of lipids.

These shots aid in reducing inches and help burn stored fat in cells as energy.

Our Super Diet Shot provides you with:
  • An increase in fat metabolism
  • Helps metabolize fat in the liver
  • Increased energy beyond the few hours from a short-acting B12 shot
  • Acceleration of cell renewal
  • Enhanced red blood cell production
  • Assistance in stress management
  • Helps improve concentration and memory
  • Helps reduce levels of homocysteine

We have found our patients get the best results from 3 injections per week.

We also have our Super Diet Shots in pill and spray form.