How Do You Lose Weight With Us?

Losing weight is a journey. Let us help you along the way!

How It Works

When You Call

We'll want to find out what your goals are and what motivated you to make this first step.

We'll also want to set up an initial consultation with our Doctor or Nurse Practitioner (N.P.).

When You Come In

When you drop by our Clinic we'll ask you to fill out a full medical history.

We'll arrange for you to have some lab tests done at one of our medical labs close to you.

You'll spend a few minutes with one of our Weight Loss Specialists to determine the best course of action based on your goals.

You'll then see either one of our Doctors or N.P. for in-depth weight loss counseling.

Our Doctor or N.P. may prescribe an appetite suppressant, a short low calorie diet, proprietary diet shots or other supplements depending on your needs.

You will then see one of our Medical Staff for any medication, food or supplements prescribed by our Doctor or N.P. and finish your visit talking to one of our Nurses about the rest of your weight loss program.

What Happens After You Start

From here on out you're free to drop in any time without an appointment to see our Nursing Staff for follow-up on your medication, diet shots, meal replacements, bars or supplements.

You can see our Doctor or N.P. any time they're scheduled to be available as many times as you want for the next six months.