How Do You Lose Weight With Us?

How It Works

Losing weight is a journey. Let us help you along the way!

When You Call

We'll want to find out what your goals are and what motivated you to make this first step.

We'll also want to set up an initial consultation with our Nurse Practitioner (N.P.) or Physician Assistant (P.A.). The initial consultation will be set up as either an in-person visit or via our Telemedicine option.

When You Come In

When you drop by our Clinic we'll ask you to fill out a full medical history.

The Medical Assistant or Nurse will obtain a lead 1 EKG, weight, measurements, blood pressure, heart rate, percent body fat, BMI and review your baseline information to prepare you for your consultation with the N.P. or P.A.

Our N.P./P.A. will perform a brief exam and discuss your medical history, weight loss history, weight loss goals and an action plan will be developed.

The N.P./P.A. may prescribe and dispense an appetite suppressant and will give you a diet tracker. They may also prescribe one of our injections to give you energy and burn fat or other natural supplements depending on your needs.

You will then see one of our Medical Staff to review medication dispensed by the N.P./P.A., answer any questions you may have and schedule your follow up appointment. We will give you a lab slip and ask that you go to our contract lab within the first week.

What Happens After You Start

We find that the more times you walk into our clinic the GREATER the weight loss. We ask that you try to come in at least once a week so you can work with our staff. Accountability is what makes the program work.

Life does happen, so if you miss a week we absolutely understand. For the next six months you are free to come in at any time. Appointments are preferred, however.

You can see our N.P./P.A. at any time they're scheduled to be available as many times as you want for the next six months.

After six months we will schedule a re-evaluation visit with our N.P./P.A. for a nominal fee that covers the next six months.